domingo, 29 de abril de 2007

A Celebration In Honor of All Mothers

Mother's Day is a time of commemoration and celebration for Mom. It is a time of breakfast in bed, family gatherings, and crayon scribbled "I Love You"s.
So here for your entertainment are some fun Holiday things for you, your mom and your family. We've got some stories to read , some music to enjoy, some pictures for the kids to color, and a chance to add YOUR MOM to our celebration! So bring your kids and tell your friends. And please stop by again.
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Mother's Day will be celebrated on Sunday May 13, 2007 (in the U.S.). In the UK Mothering Sunday is celebrated on the 18th of March, 2007.

I'm glad to celebrate this special date,cause I'm a blessed person,I have a wonderful mother,my grandmother is 90 yeras old!And she is between us,and..I'm a mom too,I have an outstanding duaghter who makes me crazy with her teen's troubles and desires,but..she can make me fairly responsable , in the mood for live more and more..I love you my pussy cat!♥



It's a privilege to be a mother. Motherhood is the greatest blessing any woman can be blessed with. Motherhood is a symbol of love, kindness and forgiveness. A mother's touch is the first human touch in a child's life. A mother's heart is filled with a never-exhausting love for her children. She lives and dies for them. A mother is the most beautiful woman in the child's eyes. It is a mother's love, pure and unadulterated, which nourishes a child and helps him to see and understand the cruel and the harsh world where he is destined to spend the rest of his life. Only a mother knows how it feels to be a mother.Mothers shoulder a huge responsibility of instilling the good and the bad in her child's heart. Being a mother is tough. A mother's every action and word is under the deepest scrutiny and therefore she is always over cautious of her conduct. Whether you are a single mother or an ideal mother trying to be a role model for your child, you can benefit from the parenting tips given in the subsequent sections. Here we unleash the secrets of being an ideal mom.

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